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Earn 50% on Sign UpsĀ and Lifetime Rebills!

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How Does JerkRev Work?

We use CCBILL to manage the referrals and payments direct to you. If you already have a CCBILL Affiliate account you can merge it via the form to the right, if not you can sign up as a new account. When you sign up you will be given a unique CCBILL Affiliate number which you can use in any of our free hosted photo and video galleries that look like this below. You just need to make sure you replace the XXXXXX with your CCBILL Affiliate number, all the traffic will then direct straight through your account so you can get the referral revenue.


Your CCBILL Affiliate number is grouped to all our sites so you only need the one affiliate number for all sites, you DO NOT need to sign up to each site separately.

Fresh new galleries for all the sites are sent out each week, they will already have your unique referral code in the link, so there is no need to add it. Please email us if you have any specific content requests, or need extra promo material,banners etc. Thank you.

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