Filthy British Girls encouraging you to WANK off.


Vital Stats

Race: White
Age: 27 years old
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'5
Weight: 107 lbs
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Waist: 32
Build: Slim
Measurement: DD Cup
Favorite Position: I'm a naughty girl... I love them all!

Kiwi babe Beth is a really bubbly girl and you will see just how much when you watch her videos.  Since moving to the UK Beth has appeared on numerous websites and late night phone chat shows.  See Beth's perfect round ass slide out of her dress as she bends over in a sexy mini dress!

Beth written by chris average rating 4.6/5 - 18 user ratings
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Video Updates

Featuring Beth

Beth “Study Wank”

Beth has called you round to work on your joint university project together, while she is talking to you though you get sidetracked. She...

Beth “Little Office Wanker”

Beth has called the maintenance guy to fix her desk leg, it has been wobbling for a while and she wants you to fix it. As you climb under...

Beth “Don’t Tell Your Girlfriend”

Beth is looking for a dress she told your girlfriend she could have, while she is on her hands and knees though you notice that her dress...

Beth “Show Me More Doc”

Beth has had a pain on her inner thigh for a few days and she wants you to take a look and see what the problem is, as she is showing you...

Beth “More Than A Peek”

You are getting fed up of Beth leaving her room in a mess, you decide that you will ask her to move out and then you can rent the room to...

Beth “Fond Memories”

Beth is getting ready to take some of her old clothes to the charity shop and you notice in the pile that she is giving away one of your...

Beth “Bending Over In The Office”

Beth needs to find some paperwork int he filing cabinet that is next to your desk, as she bends over you notice that her short skirt...

Beth “I Must Behave In Class”

Beth isn't happy that she is the only one that has gotten into trouble, everyone else in the college class was playing up but you decided...

Beth “Did You Enjoy That?”

Beth has a suspicion that her boyfriend is cheating on her so she wants to try and make her boyfriend jealous, to do this she needs your...

Beth “Are You Paying Attention?”

Beth is trying to figure out which one of her new cushions will look best in her living room, she asks for your opinion but realises you...

Beth “Tutor’s Arrangement”

Beth needs to make sure she get's good grades in her college subjects or she won't be allowed to carry on in the cheerleading team. She...

Beth “Get Me Off”

Beth has gotten herself into a bit of trouble and needs you her lawyer to lie for her and get her off, she confesses to you that she is...

Beth “College Distraction”

Beth has noticed that you have been very distracted in her college lessons recently and she wants to know why, she asks you to stay...

Beth “I Wank To See A Hard Cock”

Beth has come around to speak to you about a little dilemma she has, she tells you that her boyfriend isn't really fulfilling her needs...

Beth “Wanking Over The Boss’s Wife”

Beth is the boss's wife and you walk in on her while she is looking through one of her drawers, you notice her very short dress isn't...

Beth “Cheeky Wank In The Bath”

Beth is your carer and you have had the hots for her from day 1, Beth comes in to make sure you are OK in the bath and you have...

Beth “Tugging And Teasing”

Beth has a big weekend planned with the girls and needs her car fixing asap but when you tell her how much it's going to cost it becomes...

Beth “Do We Have A Deal?”

Beth is one of the people has arrived to have a look at the bedroom you are renting out, she wants to move out of her old flat share and...

Beth “Rainy Day Fun”

Beth gets caught in a rain storm and ducks for cover in the nearest place she can find, it just so happens she stumbles into the barn...

Beth “Red Satin Panties”

Beth is in a very dominant mood and wants to humiliate you and your tiny little prick! She is willing to let you wank over her red satin...

Beth “Have A Sneaky Wank”

Beth is such a COCK tease and knows she will have you JERKING OFF in the waiting room in no time when she starts to slowly peel back her...

Beth "Office Wank Reward"

Beth rewards her business partners with a special upskirt WANK treat. Beth spreads her legs and encourages you to WANK over the view of...

Beth “Sauna Temptress”

Beth knows guys find it almost impossible to resist her cheeky smile and tempting ways. She wants to have some fun in the Sauna which...

Beth “Erotic Reading – College Fantasy”

Beth has completed her Erotic writing assignment, she reads it out loud for the class and gets so engrossed in the story she starts to...

Beth “Upskirt Wank Party”

Beth is so horny at the party she instructs you to get under the table and WANK over her shaven PUSSY. The idea of getting caught by your...

Beth “Want To See More?”

Beth loves the house but does she like it enough to agree to your filthy deal? All she has to do is agree to letting you JERK OFF over...

Beth “Teased By The Boss”

Beth has called you over to take a look at her internet problems but while you're on the floor you've noticed you've got the perfect view...

Beth “Cheeky Pictures”

Beth needs you to help her take some naughty pictures but she notices your DICK is getting hard and decides to let you WANK while she...

Beth “Pervy Estate Agent”

Beth has called you over to asses her property but you end up checking out her amazing body as she stands on the stairs and cleans. She's...

Photo Sets

Featuring Beth

Beth "Study Wank"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Study Wank"

Beth "Little Office Wanker"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Little Office Wank"

Beth "Don’t Tell Your Girlfriend"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Don't Tell Your Girlfriend"

Beth "Show Me More Doc"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Show Me More Doc"

Beth "More Than A Peek"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "More Than A Peek"

Beth "Fond Memories"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Fond Memories"

Beth "Bending Over In The Office"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Bending Over In The Office" Beth "Bending Over In The Office" written by steph...

Beth "I Must Behave In Class"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "I Must Behave In Class"

Beth "Did You Enjoy That?"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Did You Enjoy That?"

Beth "Are You Paying Attention?"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Are You Paying Attention?"

Beth "Tutor’s Arrangement"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Tutor's Arrangement"

Beth "Get Me Off"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Get Me Off"

Beth "College Distraction"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "College Distraction"

Beth "I Want To See A Hard Cock"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "I Want To See A Hard Cock"

Beth "Wanking Over The Boss’s Wife"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Wanking Over The Boss's Wife"

Beth "Cheeky Wank In The Bath"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Cheeky Wank In The Bath"

Beth "Tugging And Teasing"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Tugging And Teasing"

Beth "Do We Have A Deal"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Do We Have A Deal"

Beth "Rainy Day Fun"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Rainy Day Fun" Beth "Rainy Day Fun" written by steph average rating 5/5 - 1 user...

Beth "Red Satin Panties"

Pictures taken from Beth's upcoming scene "Red Satin Panties"

Beth "Office Wank Reward"


Beth "Sauna Temptress"

Beth "Sauna Temptress" written by chris average rating 5/5 - 1 user ratings

Beth "Want To See More?"


Beth "Cheeky Pictures"


Beth "Teased By The Boss"


Beth "Pervy Estate Agent"

Beth written by chris average rating 4.6/5 - 18 user ratings