Filthy British Girls encouraging you to WANK off.

Dolly P

Vital Stats

Race: White
Age: 19 years old
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115lbs
Sexuality: Straight
Build: Curvy
Favorite Position: Guess!

Dolly is a very busty blonde who loves showing off her long sexy legs and panties and encouraging horny guys to JERK OFF over her!

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Video Updates

Featuring Dolly P

Dolly P “Good Like Me”

Dolly is looking for some books for her college revision and you have been kept behind for detention again, Dolly knows that you have a...

Dolly P “You Can’t Resist”

Dolly is your new girlfriends sister, you have arrived to take her sister out but Dolly wants to put you through a few tests. She is...

Dolly P “You Seem Flustered”

You are waiting in the waiting room watching Dolly on the computer, you decide that to pass the time you will try and get a good look up...

Photo Sets

Featuring Dolly P

Dolly P "Good Like Me"

Pictures taken from Dolly P's upcoming scene "Good Like Me"

Dolly P "You Cant Resist"

Pictures taken from Dolly P's upcoming scene "You Can't Resist"

Dolly P "You Seem Frustrated"

Pictures taken from Dolly P's upcoming scene "You Seem Frustrated"