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Ariel has come to the doctors today complaining that her hip is hurting from playing tennis, you ask her to do some stretches to show you her range of mobility. When she lifts her leg up you quickly notice that she is wearing a very sexy pair of panties, you can feel yourself getting aroused and decide you want a better look, you ask her to get into a position that you know will give you a great view of her ass and knickers!

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  1. rowdyJatt10-17-2018

    Loving this doctor series.

  2. iluvbrits06-21-2022

    Wow, i think this is possibly the best video on this site. I wish there would be way more like it. Some of the other “doctor” videos are pretty ok but i like that she actually gets barefoot, that the panties come off (instead of just being pulled aside) and that she is being more playful and teasing instead of another overt wanking video (not that i dont like those too, but having some variety is good). i love that she suggested her panties might be contributing to the problem and thus they should come off for the rest of the exam. Very creative video and well done!

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