Becky Dee “Big Boy”

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When you get back from Uni to see your mom you walk in one of your mom's friends cleaning the floor, she is wearing a very short skirt and you are getting an amazing view of her sexy round ass, When Becky sees you she asks how you got on a Uni and if you managed to pull and girls? When you tell her that you haven't she tells you that with you being so good looking she is very surprised! She has had her eye on you for some time and she has been wanting to see your sexy young dick ever since you left to go to Uni. After seeing her sexy ass your not shy about getting your dick out for her and having a wank over the sexy welsh brunette!

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  1. charlie6210-10-2015

    Becky Dee you rock 🙂

  2. TURBOBLUE211-04-2015

    Becky sits on the floor, arms behind her to balance herself, she has Perfect Eye Contact with me, she has on a short skirt and lovely white Pantes, and maintains a Cute Smile …………. all the while Opening and Closing her Legs for me.

    She Opens and Closes her legs for me. She Opens, then closes, then she opens and then closes ……….. Wow I enjoy that tease very much ! Heavenly indeed…..

    She says, ” Cum, I want U to Cum Everywhere , I want U to cum and EJACULATE and SPUNK Everywhere”………….. W O W I Luv it soooo much.

    mmmm that ending took me to ORGASM Land……….. I luv it….

    I am smiling..

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