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It's creative cock-tail night and your new student is the delectable Hannah Shaw who is supposed to be on a date but he hasn't shown up, this is your time to shine and speaking of shines, she has taken one to you! The flirting begins and she is off to a fast start by talking dirty and even getting her trimmed PUSSY out for you, your COCK is hard and ready for a fun night!

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  1. TURBOBLUE209-03-2020

    Pure Joy ! Hannah Shaw is Amazing indeed…… I enjoy very much that she uses the word “cum” or “cummmming” lots throughout her scene. Hannah provides lots of ” Mini – Orgasms ” and also lots of ” Full – Intnese – Orgasms Bits ” throughout her Performance…………………… oh god ! I can enjoy several Full-Intense-Mini-Orgasm Bits to keep my Happy for many Hours………….. Her blissful Outbursts of Orgasmic Ecstasey is exactly what I’m looking for. UPSKIRTJERK.COM makes my UPSKIRT fetish cummmmmmmmm to fruition, my fantasies cummmmm true. Just an Amazing Site to cummmmmmmmm .

  2. TURBOBLUE209-06-2020

    oh god …………. Living the Cummmmmmmmmming Again ! In this scene, Hannah provides many hours of Maxiumum Peek, Long-Lasting, Pre-Ejaculation bits, I love it………. Better than crystalllll methhhhh or cracccck cooocinnnnne, the intensity these lovely models is Absolute Orgasmic ! Mixed with the right Upskirt, panties, Orgasmic Voicing, and Orgasmic Facial Expressions, these Amazing videos is the answere to Long-Lasting Orgasmic PLEASURE…………

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