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Amber has agreed to give you some extra tuition, you have been struggling with your concentration at Uni and she wants to find out why. It doesn't take her long to figure it out though, she quickly notices you can't keep your eyes off her small skirt, you can see her thong and your cock instantly gets hard. Amber decides to let you get it all out of your system by letting you wank over her pussy but as soon as you are done she wants to get down to business.

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  1. TURBOBLUE08-31-2019

    Great video scene for wanking, for sure.
    I love having a partner to encourage me to wank and jerk and spunk.
    I love Amber’s sweet, orgasmic Voice to accompany me as I maintain the event horizon.
    Delicious views up her skirt, cummmmming feels so goooooood.

  2. TURBOBLUE08-31-2019

    Delicious UPSKIRTJERK video scene. Perfect for “pro-long” cummmmmmmming.
    I love her “orgasmic moannnnning voice” during the CLIMAX : this makes me cum, delicious, I love it ……..
    Moan baby moan, let me hear your sweeeeeet voice during the Climax, lovely, delicious, sweeeeeeeet. I will stay here to enjoy the cummmmmmming.

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