Every Last Drop

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You're round at a client's house fixing her oven when she comes over to talk to you about it... You're on your back on the floor looking at it and she comes and stands right over you! While you're talking to her you can't help but look up the short skirt that's she's wearing... She soon catches you perving on her and wonders whether you'll give her a discount on her oven!

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  1. TURBOBLUE201-07-2020

    Preview looks “heavenly” indeed. Louise is straddling the camera and is lifting up her skirt with the “tips of her fingertips” . Indeed this is Pure Joy !
    When a model is standing above me and she is looking down at me, I will get on my Knees and honor her. She is above all and I will lower myself to her and I will stay on the Edge of cummmmmmming. Louise is looking down at me with the “Orgasmic Facial Expression” that strikes hits me like “heroine” .
    I will cum……………. I will cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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