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You have been sent outside by your dominatrix Hannah, it's cold and you have been made to sit down on the hard floor, it isn't the only thing that is hard though, your COCK is throbbing! She dictates your every move and motion telling you when to stroke and when to sit on your hands, you can't even look at her without her saying it is allowed. Punishment is needed for being a bad boy!

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  1. TURBOBLUE210-19-2020

    Absolutely Delicious……………….. My favorite, She hovers over the Camera so I can enjoy the Upskirt Views, heavenly ! Lots and lots of Upskirt Time. I can maintain a “heavenly-state” All morning Long…………….. oh god Yes ! Please More Scenes like this. Next time have the model wear a SUMMER DRESS so she can lift it up and the Camera can capture the Upskirt ALL THE WAY UP to her Bare Breasts…………..

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