Where’s My Sex Toy?

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Your horny wife is looking for something in particular, you know what it is as she seems in distress and slightly horny. It is that damned sex toy that she uses far too often, so to make sure you get some more action you have hidden it, she will never find it unless she complies with what you say, she must tease you with her gorgeous PUSSY, then and only then will she get it back!

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  1. TURBOBLUE209-07-2020

    Preview looks absolutely “heavenly” indeed. I enjoy very much the ” Orgasmic Voice ” these lovely models provide, this achieves ” Oneness with the Universe “.
    I enjoy to be in the ” Pre-ejaculation ” phase of PLEASURE……………. staying at this high Peek for hours. With the right Visuals, Voice, Facial Expressions, and mood I can achieve ONENESS with the Universe. UPKSIRTJERK.COM does indeed take me there…………… oh god yes.

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