The Sex Party

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This gorgeous cheerleader is alone in the locker room and starts to berate you after she catches you spying on her! You have a plan though, tell people you slept with her and she might let you go to this party as well, the sex party it's known as! The plan goes well and she begins to flash you her PUSSY, whilst still berating you by the way! Who cares, you're getting what you came here for!

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  1. TURBOBLUE209-05-2020

    Delicious UPSKIRTJERK scene with the lovely Sapphire. Sapphire provides lots of “Mini-Orgasms PLEASURE” throughout her scenes. She also provides lots of ” Intense Orgasms ” that I can Re-live. The Camera-man shoots scenes with way tooo much “shakeyness”, this is not good I get dizzy sometimes trying to enjoy the Scenes. Please CAmera-man hold that Video Camera still…………………….

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