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Jasmine is your college tutor and she has set some revision for today, she wants eyes down and silence. It doesn't take you long to get distracted and start looking around the room, you notice that while Jasmine is sat on her desk you can see up her skirt. You can feel yourself getting aroused looking at her silky red panties and to your surprise when Jasmine catches you looking she doesn't tell you to stop!

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  1. TURBOBLUE208-16-2018

    Lovely view of her skirt.
    I luv to look up the model’s skirt as she teases and encourages me to CUM.
    This sitting scene is delicious indeed. The model sits with her legs open and I can see her panties.
    I can ease my cock into a glorious Orgasm and it feels sooooooooooo wonderful .
    But I only wish that the models in theses types of scenes would use her Voice to produce ORGASMIC moans and ORGASMIC cumming VOICES.

  2. rowdyJatt09-27-2018

    Wow If I ever wanted a mistress she would be the first and the only one. Couple of things I like in the vid, the ASMR feel (sexy whispering); dominatrix and the dress ofcourse. Would love to see more like this and more of this stunning lady.

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