Kate Anne “Naughty Thoughts”

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Kate is looking for the garage key in her bedroom, you have come round to pick up the car you have bought from her boyfriend who happens to be your best friend. She is wearing a very short yellow dress and when she bends over you can see her blue thong, Kate catches you looking perving on her and admits that she has always wondered how big your cock was. She decides to make you a deal, if you show her your cock she will let you wank over her panties and pussy.

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  1. TURBOBLUE204-03-2018

    Thank you Kate Anne. I luv all your video scenes. This one also is a special scene that I enjoy very much.
    I luv your sweet, sweet voice as I am cumming and looking into your eyes.
    I luv how you take me to the most Pleasure Zone and that I can stay on the edge with you for a while in the Precum phase.
    You provide the delicious views.
    A most fantastic experience indeed.

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