Red “You Need Discipline”

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Red is the substitute college tutor and she has a mean streak! She inform the class that she is not what you are used to and she works on a very strict schedule, she tells you that you all have your papers on your desk and she expects your work to be finished by the end of the lesson and should anyone cause and disruption it will be an instants detention! You can't help but notice that as she sits on the edge of her desk you can see straight up her skirt and to your surprise she has no knickers on but when Red catches you looking she gives you an instant detention telling you to stay behind after class.

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  1. Downpour01-13-2022

    I was a bit cynical when I first saw this clip featured an older model. Holy shit was I wrong!!! This scene is dynamite! I have learnt a valuable lesson today. 😂

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