Teasing the Doctor

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Kate-Anne has arrived at the doctor's office with her injured leg and is hoping that your expertise will fix the problem. The only thing on your mind as she raises her leg is looking up her skirt and hoping to get a glimpse of her nice shaven PUSSY! Could a deal be made where you both get what you want, you want to JERK off whilst she coaxes you and Kate-Anne wants her leg looking at as soon as possible. She is willing to do whatever it takes to sort this problem out.

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  1. TURBOBLUE207-09-2020

    A wonderful treat with Kate Anne. She asks, “do you want to cummmm” . Delicious……

  2. TURBOBLUE207-09-2020

    We viewers would love to see the camera at a low angle and Pointing UP at the models, whilist she spreds her legs and is looking down at us as we enjoy a Climatic, Orgasmic Experience.

  3. TURBOBLUE207-11-2020

    Wonderful Scene with one of my favorite models: Kate Anne.

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