What Would Your Missus Say?

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Your girlfriend has sent you round to her friend Rose's house to pick up a pink top that she left there, Rose is unsure where it is so she starts looking under the bed and you quickly notice the very sexy gold panties she is wearing under her tartan skirt. You know you shouldn't be looking at your girlfriend's best friend's ass but you can't help yourself, you can feel your cock growing in your trousers and Rose quickly realizes what you are up to.

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  1. TURBOBLUE205-20-2020

    Delicious, slow Wank session. Rose R takes me on an Orgasmic Journey of PLEASURE. Lovely Jerkoff Instructions with Orgasmic Voice. Ending in a Most Joyful CLIMAX………….. perfect for “looping” , Delicious.

  2. TURBOBLUE205-20-2020

    Delicious Climatic ending. Perfect for “looping” , for Long, Lasting Orgasmic PLEASURE.

  3. TURBOBLUE205-20-2020

    I enjoy very much the “multiple Orgasmic Wanking” throughout the Scene (perfect for multiple CLIMAXES) . Legs Open and filling up my Screen, Love it !

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